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Brett Trafford - Special Counsel

Brett has practised as a lawyer for 22 years acting and appearing for clients in criminal law

trials, civil litigation disputes, employment law and industrial relations claims, and Family

Law matters.


Since 2011 Brett has worked mainly as a family lawyer negotiating Binding Financial

Agreements (‘BFA’s or ‘pre-nups’) and representing clients before the court in matrimonial

parenting and/or property disputes often involving family trusts, corporate structures, and

superannuation splitting agreements.


Before becoming a lawyer Brett served in the Royal Australian Navy as an electronics

technician in submarines. He understands the legal and life issues faced by his clients after

facing many of them himself.


Brett always looks to resolve a matter as quickly and cost effectively as possible. He believes

that one of the best ways to resolve a family law dispute is to reach an agreement with the

other side, if possible, on terms both parties can both live with. Litigation is usually an

expensive and slow process that can provide a great incentive for parties to reach an

agreement and avoid ongoing legal fees; so even if you can agree on only a few of the issues

in dispute, you will save a lot of time, stress, and money.


Brett enjoys thinking laterally and tactically and will help you resolve your legal matter in the

most appropriate and effective manner for you.