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Our Capalaba family lawyers strive to provide compassionate, transparent, and tailored legal advice to our clients. Our dedicated team takes the time to understand your individual situation. We work collaboratively to ensure that you are well-informed to make a decision that is best for your circumstances.

The cost of your initial consultation is a fixed fee. Love Family Lawyers offer a no-obligation and completely confidential first consultation with one of our friendly family law solicitors for 30 minutes. We make sure you’re paying a fair price – our office will help you set up a payment plan that fits your budget and the progress of your case.

Make an appointment with us if you are concerned about what to do in your situation and need the services of a family lawyer in Capalaba. Book one today from the bottom of the page or call us on 1300 402 393.
We service Wynnum and surrounding suburbs in Brisbane.

How we can help

Family Law can be difficult and challenging to get around. Our solicitors in Capalaba provide strong & tailored advice on all aspects of family law. If you need legal assistance or advice on a family law matter, contact us today. Our friendly team is willing to help you get a clear understanding of your situation.

wills and estates lawyers

Wills & Estates

At the end of a relationship, it is necessary for you and your ex-partner to divide up your assets

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Getting a divorce in Queensland involves you making an application to the Federal Circuit Court

property settlement lawyer

Property Settlement

At the end of a relationship, it is necessary for you and your ex-partner to divide up your assets

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Children & Custody

The law states parents should have equal shared parental responsibility unless the Court orders otherwise.

domestic violence lawyer

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence includes not only physical abuse and damage to a person’s property

same sex relationship

Same Sex Relationships

If you are involved in a same-sex relationship and need legal assistance Love Family

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Child support agreements

We can assist you to understand the Child Support Scheme

Contesting a will

Thinking of contesting a will? If there has been a dispute regarding an inheritance, find out about your rights.

same sex relationship

De Facto

If you are considering entering into a de facto relationship by moving in together, it is important to understand

Why Choose Us

Lawyers who care
We are a boutique family law firm in Capalaba that are passionate about provisioning our clients with quality legal advice and representation. We wholly understand that dealing with family law issues can be emotionally draining and stressful. That’s why we take the time to get to know you and your unique circumstances so that we can provide you with the best possible outcome.

Our experience is your advantage

​​When you are going through a divorce or dealing with other family issues, you need a lawyer who understands the law and knows how to protect your interests. At Love Family Lawyers, we have more than 10 years of experience helping families in Capalaba and surrounding areas.

Act in the client’s best interest

We understand that going through a divorce or other family legal issues can be difficult. At Love Family Lawyers, we will always act in your best interest and do everything we can to help you resolve your case quickly and efficiently.

Compassionate advice

Our lawyers will give you transparent and compassionate legal advice so you can make the best decisions for you and your family. Getting to an amicable resolution is what we strive for all of our clients.

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Amazing wholesome service on family matter. The team were very comprehensive and empathetic to our situation. Detail as to probable outcomes was clearly explained to us at each stage which helped to make the decisions and take the actions we needed to.


Mark, Capalaba QLD.

We’ll help you get through the tough times

At Love Family Lawyers, our experience lets us help you navigate through the complexities of Queensland family law. Compassionate advice and unwavering support is what you will receive from the start and until your matter is resolved.

Please contact us for a fixed price initial consultation with one of our specialist family solicitors in Capalaba and Wynnum. We provide comprehensive advice on De Facto Separation, Divorce, Property Settlements, Child Custody and Support, Mediation, Binding Financial Agreements, Domestic Violence, Wills and Estates, and Same-Sex Relationships. Servicing Capalaba, Wynnum and surrounding suburbs.

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