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I can’t afford a lawyer, he has the money

It is possible to get a court order for the other party to pay your legal fees

It is common for us to hear people say their ex-partner controls all the money and they can’t afford a lawyer. Usually in these situations there is actually money in the asset pool, but it is tied up in property or businesses.  In this situation there are a few options to ensure you can get the same, quality and professional, legal advice as the other party.

If you find yourself in a marriage or de facto relationship where your ex holds the majority of the assets or has most of the income, it is possible to apply to the Court for an order that:-
• The other party to the litigation provide the money to meet your legal fees; or
• That property of the marriage or de facto relationship be sold or monies released to you to meet payment of your legal fees.

We can also provide a deferred fee option, where payment is deferred until the conclusion of the matter.  Generally, at the settlement of the matter, funds become available through settlement payments or the sale of assets, which can then be used to pay the deferred fee.

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