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Too Old to Start Again

We recently had a phone call from a client in a panic telling us that he needed to see a family lawyer urgently. We saw him that afternoon.

I can’t afford a lawyer, he has the money

It is possible to get a court order for the other party to pay your legal fees.

Have you been told you need a Family Report?

If you are going through the process of separation and children are involved it is likely that a Family Report will be required.

$99 Initial Consultation

The first meeting with your solicitor is called an initial consultation, this is extremely useful as it gives you the opportunity to interview the law

Top 10 Tips for Parenting Post-separation

Whilst a family breakup can be sad and difficult, it does not need to be catastrophic. Life goes on after all.

What Does the Act Say? Navigating Protection Orders

Our last blog covered the legal options open to domestic violence victims to ensure that they are protected.

What Does the Act Say? – Protection for Domestic Violence Victims

Over the last two weeks we have covered the circumstances that will constitute domestic violence by exploring the definitions of domestic

What Does the Act Say? Domestic Violence & Relevant Relationships

Last week’s blog article covered the various definitions of domestic violence under the Domestic

Domestic Violence and Police Intervention – What happens after you call 000?

Whether you are a domestic violence victim or a third party observer to domestic violence.

What does the Act say? – The Definition of Domestic Violence

Most people know what domestic violence is and many have directly or indirectly experienced a domestic violence situation.

Making healthy choices: eat well, sleep well, and exercise.

Regular exercise and meditation will help you to cope with the stresses of divorce.

Feel the love – Win Prizes !

In celebration of opening our new office we would like to offer our clients the opportunity to win 1 of 5 $100 gift cards.