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Is Fortitude Valley more convenient for you?

If you work or live in the inner city area then our new Fortitude Valley office may be a more convenient location for you to meet

Why can’t same-sex couples get married under Australian law? – You could help change this unfair law.

Although the Senator has been referred to as conservative.

Looking for ideas for Christmas presents that empower your loved ones?

Do you have a loved one who is going through a difficult period in their lives?

Knowledge is Power

If you have begun to realise that you are in an unhealthy relationship, and you are thinking about changing things for the better,

How to get a divorce in Australia

Divorce is the legal procedure which brings about an end to a marriage. The term “divorce” does not

Defacto Relatioships

In order to meet the threshold requirements under the Family Law Act, parties to a defacto relationship must have a geographical

I love you, will you register me?

It doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as “will you marry me?” does it? However amendments to Queensland legislation have


When it comes to separation and finalising division of property, family law is not always about fixing a

Separation & Divorce – Frequently Asked Questions

How will I support myself if I leave my husband? I’ve always been a stay at home mum…

Equal time is not the same as equal love

Equal time is not the same as equal love Many families who have separated now share the care of the children

Contract valid?

Find out at our free Business Breakfast lecture, to be held at Indigiscapes, Capalaba, Tuesday 31 January 2012. Melissa Rice is providing a great opportunity for business owners

It’s THAT time of year!

The end of the year is closing in fast and we are all very busy with one thing and another, whether it’s that you are conscientiously trying...