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How to comply with Parenting Orders during Covid-19

With the current Government restrictions in place, Covid-19 is likely to put a strain on co-parenting. If you have a court parenting order, you must continue to follow it.

If your parenting order is no longer practicable, you must make alternative arrangements with the other party to ensure that you continue to comply with them.

Common reasons that your parenting order may not be practicable during this time includes travel restrictions if one party lives interstate or facility lockdowns if contact is supposed to occur in a supervised facility.

Our lawyers recommend facilitating video calls so that your children are able to spend time with their other parent/s, even from afar.

Video calls can be made through platforms such as Skype, Zoom and Messenger Kids. Messenger Kids is a great option for younger children as it has games to keep the conversation and quality time interactive.

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